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DEXTools is a trading analytics app that aims to improve the overall user experience of decentralized exchanges with advanced tools and analytics. As the DeFi segment has grown over recent years, the landscape has become more complex, with many decentralized exchanges (DEXs) operating across multiple platforms, offering different token selections, fee rates, liquidity, and features.
How to use DEXTools?

This complexity means that it may not be easy for traders to locate the optimal venue for their swap, taking into account factors such as obtaining the best price, lowest fees, and least slippage.

Similarly, providers of token liquidity to the liquidity pools on decentralized exchanges may also find it challenging to track pool performance and liquidity across DEXs to maximize their capital efficiency.

DEXTools offers a set of analytics, charts, and tools such as price notifications, pool explorers, and token explorers. Furthermore, DEXTools integrates directly with DEXs to enable traders to swap and stake liquidity from directly within the app by connecting to the user’s cryptocurrency wallet. The platform is integrated with many major blockchain platforms, including Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Solana, and more, and covers all major DEXs such as Uniswap, Sushi, and QuickSwap.

Getting started with DEXTools

To get started with DEXTools, you will need a cryptocurrency wallet such as MetaMask or Phantom, and a starting token balance for swaps or provision of liquidity.

Navigate to the official DEXTools.io website and click on the Connect app button. From the app landing page, you can select the Connect Wallet button and follow the steps to connect and verify your wallet.

Once your wallet is verified, you will be able to access the DEXTools plans. Most DEXTools features are available to users of the free plan. Users on the paid tier can access some additional perks, such as more detailed transaction information, multi-channel price alerts, and copy trading features. Premium tier users gain further access to DEXTools VIP channels. Plans require users to stake the native DEXT token or pay a monthly fee in DEXT, calculated in fiat.

Navigating DEXTools

The main app landing page, called the DEXTBoard, displays a series of ranking tables for tokens, pairs, and pools. You can drill into the details of any of the rankings by clicking on the specific listing. Alternatively, you can also access any of the other DEXTools features via the main menu. From the DEXTBoard, users can also switch blockchains, change the app settings, and access the user menu. The user menu allows you to upgrade your account or, for paid and premium users, access the user area.

Using DEXTools features

All DEXTools features are accessible via the main app menu.

Pair explorer

The pair explorer allows you to search for any token and its available pairs on any supported DEX. For example, if you want to trade Decentraland’s MANA tokens, search for MANA, and DEXTools will display a list of MANA pools. You can then click into any of the pools to display a detailed chart and analytics page for that particular pool.

Within this page, it’s also possible to drill into the pool transaction history, view reliability scores attributed by other DEXTools users, and view your own positions and interactions with the pool.

Big swap explorer

The Big Swap explorer tracks transactions by crypto “whales”, holders of large amounts of currency. In lower liquidity tokens, large transactions can have a significant impact on price, so the Big Swap explorer can help identify such moves so traders can better anticipate the market.


Multiswap allows you to configure the interface with up to ten tokens for rapid swaps via a given exchange and blockchain. Simply search for the assets you want to swap, and selecting them will connect using the API of the relevant exchange.


Multichart allows you to set up to ten charts for token pairs on any given blockchain and exchange. Search for your chosen asset, using the filters to narrow it down by blockchain and trading venue. DEXTools charts allow you to change the time parameters and chart type and offer a range of tools and indicators to support technical analysis.


The Stats feature allows you to select any supported exchange to view the most popular pairs. From the ranking table, it’s then possible to access the pair explorer page for any given pair with only a single click.

Mobile apps

DEXTools is also available as a mobile app for iOS or Android.

Additional features and further information

From the main menu, DEXTools also offers several additional features, such as price alerts via desktop or Telegram channels, its own integrated DEX for in-app swaps, and the ability to embed charts on other websites.

DEXTools is a relatively sophisticated platform, and features and functionality can also change relatively quickly. The project provides full user guides and updates via its DEXTools Academy pages and YouTube channel.

How to use DEXTools essentials

  • Prepare a wallet such as MetaMask with some cryptocurrency, and connect to the DEXTools app.
  • Survey a range of charts and analytics covering tokens, pairs, and pools across multiple DEXs on several blockchains.
  • Customize your experience with Multichart, allowing you to view multiple token pair charts at the same time, and Multiswap, which enables rapid trading of multiple tokens from the same screen.

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